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Jeremiah Center 2022

  Jeremiah Center
 Martial Arts for the Heart
We offer a great family atmosphere with world class instructors that make the classes
fun, educational, yet informative with PRACTICAL techniques
everyone should know to stay safe!
No pressure - Just encouragement and Loads of Fun & Fitness for All Ages!!
Some of the benefits for children are:

Higher Self Esteem - Greater Respect For Others - More Strength and Flexibility

Advanced Athletic Skills - Better Focus - Improved Concentration

Stronger Confidence - Better Grades and Study Habits - Improved Fun and Fitness

Expect NO Limitations...Learn From the BEST!!
 Programs available:

Lil' Ninjas PreSchool Program


Kick boxing

Isshinryu Karate




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On October 8th 2016 The International Isshinryu Karate Association
Board Of Directors Conducted a Promotion Ceremony.
Master's David Gabbard along with Scott Shamblin and Kelly Markham 
were promoted to the Rank of 9th Degree KU-DAN

Left To Right- Pjil McElroy, Art Palmer, Jim McDonald, Ron Cain, Carol Burris, David Gabbard,
Scott Shamblin, Kelly Markham, J.C. Burris, Sandra Strong, Tommy True

Sensei Gabbards Instructor Phil Mc Elroy Ties on The New RED Belt

Sense Gabbard, Scott Shamblin & Kelly Markham - New KU-DAN Recipients